Invest In A High Quality Dereelight Instrument That Offers Versatility And Upgradeability

Our founder is a senior flashlight engineer with more than a decade of experience in precision machining. Dereelight Co., Ltd., was established in 2007 and specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality LED flashlights and searchlights. That's our focus, and we don't manufacture anything else. All of our management at Dereelight has expertise in flashlights, and we are at the forefront of flashlight development. Our company is committed to excellence in design, excellence in manufacturing, and excellence in customer support.

Every Dereelight flashlight is a precision instrument reflecting the latest technology and incorporating only the finest materials and workmanship. Many of our sophisticated flashlights offer options that permit our customers to configure a flashlight to suit their individual needs. The CL1H body at the center of our product line offers exchangeable, industry-standard modules containing various LED emitters, reflectors and supporting electronics. Insertion of a new module is no more difficult than inserting batteries and provides several benefits. First, a single high-quality flashlight body can be configured in various ways for different applications. Second, an investment in our high-quality flashlights is protected against obsolescence as LED technology advances. Dereelight is committed to making affordable upgrade modules available as new emitters become available. This combination of quality, configurability, and upgradeability with reasonable pricing makes Dereelight the best value in the premium quality flashlight market today.

Please feel free to contact us about any questions regarding our company or products. We will strive to earn your confidence and respect for our products!


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