Many high-quality flashlights can become obsolete as new emitters are released, and few customers are qualified to make compatible changes in emitters, circuit boards and mirrors. With Dereelight products your investment in a high-quality instrument is protected through our upgradeable emitter modules . Upgrading to the latest technology or new features is as easy as changing batteries and costs only about a third as much as a new light.

Pills -- It is a module which contains the LED light source and the electronics / driver

It's for Night Master(NM800)/XSeacher, does not fit NM800-4S and XSeacher-4S.

We send the de-domed Led pill if you order the XP-G2 or XM-L2 to get the better throw, please note in paypal or contact us if don't like de-domed LED.

Dereelight light engine(pills)-$19.8:

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